Sound healing

Sound healing is an effective tool for:

  • Removing or reducing concrete pain
  • Alleviating deep-rooted mental or other emotional chronic illness
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Cleansing the body of toxic deposits
  • Supporting your consciousness development
  • Finding your way back to “peace” after a stressful period

A sound healing session takes approximately one hour and runs as follows:

  • We start off by defining the real cause of your problem/pain together
  • Then we start the actual sound healing
  • We finish off by discussing how we each experienced the session

The sound healing process brings you into a state of consciousness where your body and mind relax at a very deep level. You could say that you are brought to the point of the beginning of everything – or the point where all healing begins. I like to compare sound healing with reinstalling software on a computer.

The sounds that are used are primarily letters and mantras from some of the world’s oldest languages. These old languages vibrate at a far higher frequency level than our modern languages, which means that the sounds are more effective at bringing about the peace and balance required for healing to take place.