Body, mind, spirit and holistic biomedicine

Body, mind, spirit and holistic biomedicine

Body, mind, spirit and holistic biomedicine

“A healthy soul in a healthy body

The best healing is the spirit’s and the body’s own regeneration.

Strengthening the body’s self-healing ability is the core of holistic biomedicine.

Holistic biomedicine is a collective term for a number of holistic treatment methods, as well as a method of diagnosis that uncovers the stresses behind a person’s symptoms and suffering.


Illness is viewed not in the way that you would view a fault in a machine that is no longer working as it should, but rather as an expression of imbalances that tell us if we are not acting and thinking appropriately for ourselves and our health.

The path to balance is therefore not a chemical repair of single parts, but rather a support of what we are as a whole. So, from a physical, psychological and spiritual perspective, we have an inherent ability to re-establish healthy functioning for our entire being.


Holistic biomedicine re-establishes the balance that characterises the condition that we refer to as being healthy and well.


What to do:

  • Consultation by appointment. Make an appointment by email
  • The first consultation is approximately two hours long

It would be helpful if, prior to your consultation, you:

  1. Have found out your blood type, if you don’t already know it
  2. Have thought about your medical history and the events that have had a significant impact on your life

Holistic biomedicine is often a valuable supplement to other tools and processes that I offer. See more under Services.