About Jens Schultzer

The path to my current self has been full of learning experiences and personal development.
In 2001 I decided to dedicate myself to the continued development and dissemination of the holistic leadership concepts, methods and values, which are already proving to be defining successful individuals and organisations today.
Since then, I have written books, counselled leaders and organisations, and given presentations, all while continuing to develop my philosophy of holistic leadership.
Prior to that I spent many years in the corporate world and held executive positions in international companies with great success.


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    Leadership and Consultancy

    A personal development programme that will boost your energy and strengthen your leadership skills, your creativity and your joy – and hence also your ability to create results on a daily basis.

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    Dialogue and Consultancy

    When you are in need of direction or you find yourself in a difficult situation, it’s a good idea to share your thoughts and considerations with someone who can provide constructive feedback without being biased.

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    Body, Mind, Spirit and Holistic Biomedicine

    The best healing is the body’s own regeneration. Biomedicine re-establishes the balance that characterises the condition that we refer to as being healthy and well.

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    Awareness Journeys

    “Insight provides perspective!” Soul journeys are a brilliant tool for gaining an insight into and understanding of what lies in your subconscious and your higher conscious. As a result, you gain the necessary insight that will enable you to make the decisions that are right for you, act on them and thereby achieve what you want.

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    Sound Healing

    The sound healing process brings you into a state of consciousness where your body and mind relax at a very deep level. You could say that you are brought to the point of the beginning of everything – or the point where all healing begins. I like to compare sound healing with reinstalling software on a computer.

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    Lectures and Workshops

    My lectures encourage active participation and draw parallels between the presented leadership principles and their use on a daily basis.

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    Laterna Magica – the path to the magical space

    “The consultant’s most important job is to help you remove what separates you from the truth about yourself – what you already know deep down”

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Meet Jens

My leadership style has always been characterised by innovative thinking, new ways of meeting challenges and a deep trust in the synergy of teamwork. However, I also realised that I was subconsciously using a number of essential tools.


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